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To celebrate reaching 2,000 watchers i have an announcement to make.

But first: thank you all for following me and thank you for the mass of positive feedback. You guys are what keeps my stuff alive :)

In the past, a lot of people have asked me about making a game using my models.
Well... i started making a game. I intend share details about the development in regularly time intervals.
Here are the first details:

-Tamagotchi like gameplay about feeding a girl with some dating sim elements
-Focus on WG and social interactions with your girl
-Upgrades, shops, costumes, personality, minigames are planned

If you have some ideas, feel free to post them at the comments. I will take in every idea and implement them if they are fitting.
I will try to answer questions about the game, but as its in its early stages some questions may be lost through the cracks.